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14 Steps to a Flawless Open House

Make a good first impression--

  • Freshen up the landscaping

  • Consider purchasing new items including: new garage door, mailbox, house numbers, etc.

  • Clean the entry ways and move cars out of the driveway

Clean! Clean! Clean!

  • Hire professional cleaners

  • Deep-clean carpets

  • Wash all of the windows

Stage the home with furniture and accessories--

  • Fresh towels in the bathrooms

  • Vases of flowers

  • Paint wild-colored rooms a neutral color

Get rid of clutter--

  • Start packing before the house goes on the market to allow for potential buyers to see the house's features easier once you are ready to put it up for sale.

Remove personal items--

  • Homebuyers want to envision their new home and seeing another family's belongings poses a difficult situation.

Remove pets if possible--

  • If your pet must stay in the home, move the animal to a less trafficked area of the house

Spread the word--

  • Post on social media

  • Hand flyers out around the neighborhood

  • Post on Craigslist and

Put signs up--

  • Front yard

  • Major intersections

  • Add balloons to the sign in the front yard to bring further focus

Light is a bright idea!

  • Open all of the blinds in the home and turn on all of the lights... even on a sunny day.

Protect your belongings--

  • Remove or lock up valuables before showing the home. Your agent cannot be in every room at all times.

Provide information--

  • A pamphlet or flyer that includes: photos of the home, schooling information, comparable prices in the area.

Buy or bake cookies--

  • Refreshments at an open house has been proven to be a way for visitors to catch up with the seller or agent and discuss the home.

Stay in the background--

  • If your agent is present at the open house, you (as the seller) do not need to be present.

  • If you are conducting the open house, be as unobtrusive as possible to allow buyers to envision living in the home.

Listen to feedback--

  • Collect names and contact information of everyone that attended the open house and contact them afterward to see what their thoughts were on the house.


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