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Is your home ready for the season...

Image by annca from Pixabay

Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but what does that mean for your home when you are preparing to list? In this blog I will help you decide what's important to "sweep" away.

One of the most important areas of your home is your curb appeal. Buyers don't want to see unkempt flower beds, dirty siding, peeling paint, and leaf-filled gutters. Determine what you can do on your own and what you may need to contract out. Some cost effective ideas that are worth the effort are updating light fixtures, updating the front door hardware, painting the front door and window trim, and replacing the welcome mat. Adding some color to your entryway by bringing in potted plants or planting seasonal annuals near the door is another cost effective way of making a great impression. Make sure sidewalks are clear of debris and cut back any overgrown bushes that might impede getting buyers in the door!

Once the outside is warm and inviting, it is time to start on the interior. I think it is important to set up a daily schedule with small things you can accomplish each day because no one wants, or has the time, to spend all day cleaning. You can utilize a room by room checklist like the one provided by First American Home Warranty at; or a day by day checklist like the one provided by Mom4Real at Whatever you decide, just know it is important to have a clean, decluttered, non-personalized home when you go to sell.

All your hard work will pay off when you get that full price offer on your home because it is inviting and well maintained and not a low-ball offer because the buyer has a checklist of repairs they think needs done.

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